Footwear Material

Footwear material R series are manufactured by SBS, whose chemical properties can react with shoe adhesives.

Therefore, the surfaces of the R series products can combine with heterogeneous materials tightly.

Footwear Grades are mostly applied in shoe materials such as the insoles and footpads of slippers, casual shoes, jogging shoes, and hiking shoes. R series are soft and shock-absorbing that can alleviate the discomfort when walking or running. R series also meet the special requirements of shoes wear resistance and toughness,making the products more robust, durable, and long-lasting.

Soft and Flexible, Great Damping Property, Great Anti-slip Property, Good Abrasion Resistance, Great Bounding with Heterogeneous, Materials by Shoe Adhesive, Easy to Color, Great Performance in Low Temperature. 

thermoplastic rubber