Taiwan U-Pellet Renews Website in 2016

In 2016, Taiwan U-Pellet revamps the website and welcomes visitors all around the world. In the wave of globalization, the site is the first step to link with the world. The website also represents the façade of a company to display the ambition to cooperate with international customers. The design philosophy for Taiwan U-Pellets website is based on "Life-oriented", "Professionalism," and "User-friendly." With "Life-oriented," U-Pellet hopes to build the connection between the partners, the customers, and the brands in daily life. With "Professionalism," U-Pellet demonstrates the ambition and the growth of our company to long-term rubber & plastic industry partners. With "User-friendly," non-rubber & plastic industry brand visitors can understand the applications of TPE materials on the website, and find the products they need without any difficulty. To connect with the customers more effectively, U-Pellet also provides Online Consultation Services with commissioners on standby. When customers have new ideas, development projects or cooperation programs, they can fill out the online form. After U-Pellet receives the form, we will furnish them with a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.