Product Series E series

Basic Introduction

E series are manufactured by SEBS whose chemical properties are saturated. Thus, it neither reacts with O2, O3, or H2O etc. in the environment, nor undergo chemical changes such as oxidation, degradation, or hydrolysis. Furthermore, E series are quite popular among the majority of consumers because of its excellent weather resistance and durability. E series are tender and transparent. E series also have excellent physical characteristics such as good elongation rate, high tensile strength, anti-scratch, and great sealing effect to seal liquid and gas. Products of E series still have all these excellent properties after repeated use. Based on the color, products of E series are divided into three categories – E-1000, E-2000, and E-3000. E series can replace the products made of PE, PVC, and latex. Products of E series are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and non-allergic. Besides, the products are compliant with RoHS, PAHs and others to ensure the health of customers.


  •  Excellent Flexibility
  •  Excellent Durability
  •  Excellent Touch
  •  Great Anti-slip Property
  •  Easy to Color
  •  Great Weather Resistance
  •  Great Chemical Resistance
  •  Great Aging and Yellowing Resistance
  •  Superior Electrical Insulation

Pressure-Relieving Supplies


Baby Products

Household Supplies

Medical and Rehabilitation Supplies

Sports and Fitness Products

Pet Supplies

Hand Tools

Recreation Goods

E-1000 Series (Transparent)

Food container seal, cutlery handgrips, teether, sports equipment, fitness strip, therapy squeeze ball, toe separator, goggles gasket, ear plugs, flip-flops thong... etc.

E-2000 Series (Black)

Hand tool grips, bicycle grips, bicycle pedals, seats, toothbrush handles, casters... etc.

E-3000 Series (White)

Hand tools grips, pen grips, sports equipment grip, tumbler anti-slip pads, anti-slip rings, magnifier handgrips, cap bolts... etc.