Product Series R series

Basic Introduction

R series are manufactured by SBS, whose chemical properties can react with shoe adhesives. Therefore, the surfaces of the R series products can combine with heterogeneous materials tightly. R series are mostly applied in shoe materials such as the insoles and footpads of slippers, casual shoes, jogging shoes, and hiking shoes. R series are soft and shock-absorbing that can alleviate the discomfort when walking or running. R series also meet the special requirements of shoes wear resistance and toughness,making the products more robust, durable, and long-lasting.


  •  Soft and Flexible
  •  Great Damping Property
  •  Great Anti-slip Property
  •  Good Abrasion Resistance
  •  Great Bounding with Heterogeneous Materials by Shoe Adhesive
  •  Easy to Color
  •  Great Performance in Low Temperature